Installing an Electrical Service Connection and Meter with Eskom: How It Works

Electricity is an essential part of everyday life and something many of us take for granted. But, if you are developing or upgrading a property without an electricity supply, or want to install a meter, how do you go about it?

Establishing an electrical connection

To establish a new electrical connection, you need to apply for this connection through the national electricity supplier, Eskom. However, before you start completing the application form, it is wise to consult with an accredited electrician, who will be able to advise you on the amount of electricity you will need, as well as provide you with a cost estimate for the electrical components required. These two factors are very important: Eskom will determine your electricity rate based on your forecasted usage. Furthermore, the components used must adhere to legal prescribed standards.

Note 1: All electrical components you need can be found at Switch Electrical Supplies. All of these components meet the regulated industry standards and requirements.

Note 2: All new connections will be one using the prepaid electricity meter. Post-paid accounts and monthly Eskom bills are no longer an option.

Installing a prepaid electricity meter

If you want to switch from a post-paid account to a prepaid electricity meter, follow these steps:

1. Complete the Eskom application form.
2. Eskom will arrange a date to do a site visit to inspect the line, determine the installation point and draw up a quote.
3. If you are happy with the quote, accept it.
4. Eskom will generate and supply an account number and arrange a date for installation.

If you need more information about installing an electrical service connection and/or meter – whether at a new or existing property – contact the team at Switch Electrical Supplies. We supply a full range of electrical components, including DB boards, circuit breakers, fuses and more that all meet standard regulatory requirements, and we are trusted by all leading and certified electricians. We are more than happy to help you where we can.


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