Why You Should Think About Replacing Your Lights With Low Energy Light Bulbs


More than ever, responsible electricity consumption is a hot topic. This can be attributed to both awareness of environmental impact, and the rising cost of electricity that is making people rethink their usage habits. Now, as we all know, the best way to increase your overall efficiency when it comes to electricity use, is through making a number of small changes. Ultimately, these all add up to have a significant impact on your consumption.


One of the first changes to make is to replace your old lights with low energy light bulbs. This simple change will already result in a number of benefits:


  • They use less electricity, which means your carbon footprint is also smaller. A win for the environment!
  • The lower electricity use also means smaller electricity bills. A win for your budget!
  • Typically, low energy light bulbs last longer and need changing much less often. A win for you!


For South Africans, there is another reason to focus on this specific change: government regulation. In 2021, the government gazetted new specifications which aim to “improve the safety, performance and energy efficiency of light bulbs approved for use in South Africa by phasing out inefficient and environmentally harmful lighting products”.


The goal is to get South Africa’s outdated lighting technology up to the standard of other leading countries. The focus is, therefore, on energy efficient products such as LED lights. Other user benefits of LED lights include:


  • They can be used with some dimmer switches and motion sensors.
  • They’re the most durable option for outdoor lighting.
  • They last for years.


For a large selection of quality LED and other low energy light bulbs from leading brands, come to Switch Electrical Supplies. We have everything you need, whether you are simply replacing your old lights with low energy light bulbs or revamping the electrical system of your entire property.






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